Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lipi's Article for Aahaan's Annual Day at Hiradale

It seems like just yesterday that my son Aahaan, held the sofa, stood up and very wobbly took his first step forward. I rushed to grab the cam-corder to capture his first milestone moment. It was that day & today again I was holding the camcorder amidst other equally enthusiastic mothers, trying to capture the "get-set-go" moment.

As the teachers prepared the babies meticulously to put up a grand show, all we parents stood there at the pavilion, cheering our babies, not to forget with a tear floating away in our eyes. Wow! what a moment it was to see them perform their part like super stars. Kudos to Neelam teacher & Catherine teacher to motivate & make Aahaan do his part all the way across the finishing line.

All the events were so unique & all we parents were overwhelmed to see the energy, dedication & most of all the "love" in the air.

Going back in time, on Aahaan's first day to school, mothers, fathers, grandparents flocked outside the gate with anxious faces, gazing at the umbilical corridor that connected "our world" to the school. But today my heart is full of pride & joy, to let our principal madam Mrs. Neelu Lamba, know that our school is the most wonderful place to be in. Our school has given reassurance & sense of solace to a mothers who shelters her child under her wings.

Thank you for your love & kindness. Please let it flow & we soon hope to see our children metamorphosize and take a colorful flight to success.

-           Lipi

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Gita saransh:: too good.

Gita Saransh..... .!!